The Church of What’s Happening Now

joeydiazIf you’re looking for an old school comic, who feels like that crazy uncle who was down with shit, funny as hell, and bought you beer when you were a kid, then look no further than Joey CoCo Diaz aka Mad Flavor! I first discovered Uncle Joey on the Joe Rogan Experience and the minute he opened his mouth and started ranting I was hooked! Joey is part Cuban and it’s funny to hear his rants transition into Spanish at times. The stories this guy has from growing up in North Bergen New Jersey kind of take me back to the stupid shit my friends and associates did as teenagers and early adults.

Did we kidnap someone and throw them in the trunk of a car during a botched attempt to steal drugs and money? Well no not that bad but we may have associated with people who had. Joey will tell you many of stories with numerous brushes with the law but the kidnapping was the hard truth that set Joey on a path to becoming a career comedian. Joey got his start in stand-up within the confines of prison, once out he moved to L.A. and did stand-up at the Comedy Store. There are some crazy drug crazed stories, with famous people included, which stem from his days at the Store.

Eventually he got his act together and not only does comedy but he has an acting career and is known for small roles in films like The Longest Yard (2005) and Analyze That! Joey is avid an MMA fan, loves music, tries his best to exercise and eat the right things and do right by his family, but overall he is a big funny goofball that at times will put me to tears with laughter. He has paired with The Flying Jew, Lee Syatt, who has helped him produce a top ten podcast called The Church of What’s Happening Now. These two guys have put together over 225 or so episodes and there are a lot of guest spots from people Joey knew growing up in North Bergen or as he got going with his L.A. comedy scene career.


Mad Flavor


They tend to eat a lot of edibles these days but there are times where he will chain smoke joints or blunts as Joey doesn’t give a fuck! Oh yea if you’re looking for a politically correct, higher educational, church of Latter-day Saints podcast you better get your shit straight and look elsewhere! Joey preaches street smarts, and doesn’t care if your white, yellow, black, purple, or green! He tells it like it is! One of my favorite comedy albums, available on iTunes is The Testicle Testaments! Lots of good stories here about Joey’s young adult life. Here is one of his latest podcasts with special guest Joe Rogan.


2 thoughts on “The Church of What’s Happening Now

    1. I totally agree! His stand up is hilarious, stories never get old. I really hope to catch a show one day but he rarely visits the East Coast and when he does it’s usually in NYC.

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