Addicted To Video Games Can Be Good IMHO!

Caution – I resurrected this old blog from a couple years ago that was on a site that no longer exists. I was proud of it and felt it should be part of my new blog. Everything still holds true to this day, I may own 2 x Xbox Ones as I think 2016 they retook the lead in my gaming life. Thank god for local saved docs!

Hello my name is So and So and I am a video game addict.

“Hello So and So!” ~ Millions of other gamers…

Truth be told being addicted to video games has been a far better experience then being addicted to alcohol, drugs, or even gambling. At a time I had all three of those vices going in my life. A series of bad decisions, resulting in loss of job, home, and friends ensued over a few month span.

What saved me in the end?

Woah Double Rainbow!

A family who cared about me and an online community of new friends who did not want to go out to a bar, the casino, or get high. Instead these people may have done these things on their own but when together on-line all the talk was about the game and the world within. MMORPG’s may have been the best thing that happened to me in my young adult life. The realization that my gaming addiction could help conquer my other addictions without the need for imprisonment, treatment, or a variety of meetings was a far better prospect in my own mind. Yes I realize there are people out there who may need all of the above to get through, and I am not knocking them, but for me it was an alternate reality that was not brought on by the use of hallucinogens that got me through. Trust me there is a ton of things I had done while engaged in my “pseudo rock-star” lifestyle that I am not proud of and I may have burned a few good friends and family members in the process.

Much like any other addiction it all starts with excuses. My need to buy consoles, games, and new computer equipment, in my head, comes from a child hood of being depraved of such things. Yes this is really shallow, but screw it I am a Neckbeard, and upon my soap box I shall preach! Truth be told, I wasn’t really depraved of such things, but instead brought up by a very loving and financially responsible single mother. My friends had all the cool consoles, Atari’s, Nintendo’s, Sega’s, etc.

My mother instead bought me a computer, in hopes that gaming would not be the only thing I could do on a system that was originally intended to help me learn. I was able to play some early computer games; Kings Quest comes to mind, and at the same time learned how to program with DOS. This was all well and good, but when I visited a friend’s house and found consoles that played Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Street Fighter, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Techmo-Bowl, Zelda, and the list goes on, I was surely jealous and wanted one as well. Dearest mother thought these systems were too expensive and would rather have me use my computer or go outside. She was most likely right, and nobody could fault her for being a good parent!

Many of hours at friends house on this!

Flash forward a few decades and being a non-financially responsible adult I have my own money and can purchase any system I want! Hey I learned how to cook from my mother not manage money!

Xmas, 2014, the next generation of consoles are out. Under my current entertainment system sits an Xbox 360, a PS3, and I even have a second Xbox 360 in the bedroom. The new consoles arrive, too expensive to buy both, I finally find an Xbox One in stock at Sears and it’s an immediate pickup. Owning this console for almost a year, I publish an article on Consoles vs PC in the family room, and post my feelings of ditching consoles all together in support of one universal PC system. Maybe I am learning to be half-way fiscally responsible by only having to purchase games for one system?

Hello my name is So and So and I am a video game addict.

“Hello So and So!” ~ Millions of other gamers…

Flash forward and another year down the month of my Birthday is upon us and GameStop is offering $125 trade in value for my PS3 towards the purchase of a new PS4 system with a digital copy of The Last of Us remastered….

The shakes start to ensue…

For a week I talk myself out of this silly notion at the same time dropping hints to my wife about it. I confide my need for the new console in my newly acquainted Neckbeard like co-workers. Yes they just so happen to have their own PS4’s…

Peer Pressure Baby! The best defense for talking yourself out of not wanting to buy or try something!

My birthday hits, I get out of work and my lovely wife is at home waiting with a delightful surprise batch of Big-Y Cajun Fried Shrimp! While we are scarfing this delicious delight down, I just so happen sit down and mention under my breath lets pack that shit up while glancing over at the PS3 and Xbox 360 collecting heaps of dust. She gives in and within 30 minutes we were in line at the pusher, I mean GameStop picking up a brandy new PS4!

Hello my name is So and So and I am a video game addict.

“Hello So and So!” ~ Millions of other gamers…

Truth be told usually I feel buyer’s remorse after such impulse buys. This PS4 has gotten more mileage than its predecessor the Xbox One. The gaming just feels, looks, and sounds better on the PS4. I love this new system, I still have love for the Xbox One, don’t get me wrong, but the PS4 just feels right. I own one semi-exclusive title, Ryse Son of Rome, with the Xbox One but now available on PC. The PS4 I already own two, to include The Last of Us and The Order 1888! Again here we go with the excuses, like any addict they are a necessary evil, but I already can’t wait for late March and the release of Bloodborne! My first experience with the system was with The Order 1888, and man did it look AMAZING! The game itself that will be a review for another day, but the system immediately impressed the both of us.

***UPDATE – Played Bloodborne – SCREW THAT GAME!***

Whips controller at the wall! J/K not that kind of player.

The controller feels light years ahead of the PS3 version, but the battery runs out fairly quick. We already had to drop $20 on a charging system and $60 on a second controller. I feel like the Xbox One controller lasts much longer on a charge. The wife questioned the unfinished look of the controller referring to the rectangular shaped touch-pad, but in truth that thing comes in pretty damn handy while typing. The controller also comes with an integrated speaker; wife found this out when her Dynasty Warriors generals were talking to her through it, and a fancy yet slightly bright light that radiates from the bottom. I found out this light could be dimmed and have since changed that setting in hopes to save battery life and not have it annoy the shit out of me when it’s pointed in my direction while the wife is fiddling with her iPhone!

“See there is a reason to have Consoles and Pc’s in the living room!” ~ The little red devil on my right shoulder…

Another console feather in the cap!

Another year subscription service to a gaming network!

Oh and the 7-day Free PlayStation Now Gaming service that turned into a $19.99 hit when I forgot to cancel it for the month. The PlayStation Now service, I have to admit, is pretty damn cool! I love the fact that we can now stream some PS3 titles to the PS4 but for $20 a month? That is absolute BULLSHIT especially for someone who is already a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Tack on an extra $5.00 a month and I would be in, but at $20 or $15 a month (if you pay for months in advance) it is just too much to ask for your existing PlayStation Plus subscribers. I may as well be shelling out a $200 bar tab again, or buying hundred dollars’ worth of drugs, or just flushing my money down the toilet aka casino. Okay maybe not to that extreme, but hey if you’re going to expect us to pay $60 a game title, $60 for extra controllers, $400 for the system that is not BACKWARDS compatible like the old school systems used to be then cut us a god damn break on a service that allows us to play the old titles!

Enter D3 on the PS4!

The wife and I have been glued to this thing and to pour gasoline on-top of fire we purchased the console version of Diablo III which we both own on PC. Why throw your money out on this game for a third time you may ask? (Yes this did run through my head a few times before the purchase.) It was rated one of the best console couch co-op games on the market. This was something that has been missing with console games and our lives for a few years. We tried Dynasty Warriors together but I just couldn’t get into it, not my style. The Lego games came close but we require something in a fantasy setting, and forget about FPS, wife wants no part of that genre! Guess what, the internet got this one correct! The game has been absolutely fun as hell! Fully reclined, leveling up and collecting loot together so far has seemed less redundant than hovering over a PC at our desks. I believe the game controls a lot better, and the only knock on the game itself is waiting for the other person when they have to sort out their inventory, skills, and craft.

Overall I am very happy with being a gaming addict. Yes I could go outside and get more exercise and sometimes we feel guilty and do for a day or two. The new PS4 has brought some good times to the household, gaming wise, and is only two weeks old!

***UPDATE – Christmas 2016 and my awesome wife stood outside in the cold at target before they opened for an hour and got me an NES CLASSIC! Punch Out Baby Here I Come!!! Oh and another console hat in the feather, next up…. The Nintendo Switch!


3 thoughts on “Addicted To Video Games Can Be Good IMHO!

  1. Great article. It definitely hit some chords with me as I look at my console under my TV, and all of the Nintendo Switch pre-orders I just made to my Amazon account.

    Hello, it looks like I’m also addicted to video games T-T


      1. Haha yeah. It’s been a few days now and I still haven’t cancelled the pre-order. If anything, time has just made me more determined to get it. It doesn’t help that pre-orders are mostly accounted for already, so I feel lucky getting mine in 😛

        That said, do you share your posts on any other websites? I work over at Creators .Co (we’re part of Movie Pilot and Now Loading) and this is the sort of content that makes for a great read. If you were open to the idea of posting your work on our Creators site in addition to also having your blog/site here, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. My e-mail and more info can be found on my page. It might help with the video game addiction (or make it worse) (o^.^)b


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