Welcome To Married and Gaming 2017!

chasing-dragonFor the past 10 or more years of our PC gaming lives we have been what they call in the heroin world – chasing the dragon. Personally MMORPG’s got me away from the rough crowds I used to run with and reintroduced my love for computers and technology. Finding similar people – online – then eventually within the same field of my career moved me into full time geek mode! My wife’s video gaming career started with MUDs and eventually blossomed into pixelated avatars saving fairy princesses and the likes.

Everquest was our first love and where we were first introduced – digitally – to each other and our avatars! Don’t worry it was through a friend of a friend that was local and we eventually met up at work. Then World of Warcraft came along and was good to us for many of years but has finally run it’s course. That’s me – I say that after the first few months of every expansion! To this day there has been no MMORPG experience like Everquest or Vanilla WoW.


So now in 2017 the wife and I have decided it is time to branch out. Not only with video gaming but with actual board gaming, trading card gaming, and other expensive hobbies I am sure. In the video game realm we hope to play some good story driven single player games, such as the Mass Effect Series, Skyrim, and various other RPG and ARPG’s. Another New Years resolution is to start getting into board gaming and visiting the local hobby store to see what is new and upcoming. Of course we have a ton of television shows we watch and will report on, with the occasional movie review. Being technology geeks we also listen to lots of podcasts, mostly comedy, but some gaming that we will share with our blog site.

One of my passions has always been writing. I am not formally trained, so excuse any typos we might miss, run on sentences, or fragmented lingo! A couple of years ago I tried to start up quite a large site with too many categories, freelance writers, and lots of various plugins to make it happen. Between having folks write for free, doing it in my spare time, and managing all the different topics, while working 40+ hours a week, it was just too much. I shut it down about a year ago but still have the urge to write. This time I hope to keep it simple and just get our thoughts out on things we experience this year! You may notice some blogs up now, these are older blogs carried over from my old site that I wanted to start populating marriedandgaming.com with just to get us going. I will be the majority writer – blogging on the various things I do and we do as a couple together. Thanks for stopping in and checking us out!


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